About the Developer

Development by Related Group:

Related Group is Florida’s leading developer of sophisticated metropolitan living and is one of the country’s largest real estate corporations. The innovative residential developments of the Related Group has altered South Florida’s urban landscape dramatically. Since its beginnings, the privately held company has built, managed, and rehabilitated more than 90,000 condo and apartment residences. Related Group has earned international status for its visionary designs, and developments of luxury condos, market-rate rentals, mixed-use centers, and affordable properties which are often found in emerging neighborhoods which ultimately enhance the lives of all of its residents.

Related Group Jorge M. Perez

Architecture by Arquitectonica:

Arquitectonica is one of the biggest architecture firms in the world, with projects in over 58 countries spread across five continents. Arquitectonica is known as a pioneer in the architecture profession because they push the limits of geometry pattern, and color to introduce a new brand of modern design to the world. Arquitectonica always strives for bold designs that perfectly combine Miami’s urban landscape with its tropical landscape. Arquitectonica is able to preserve a location’s geographical character while creating a property that embodies the principles of sustainability and beautiful aesthetic.

Arquitectonica Bernardo Fort Brescia

Interior Design: Piero Lissoni

Founded in 1986, Lissoni Studios has worked with a very broad spectrum of design brands. Piero Lissoni’s works are featured in many design medias such as Boffi, Cassina, Kartell, Living Divani and Flos. Lissoni has created all types of property designs, from yachts and private homes to hotels and showrooms. Often his designs feature full scale interiors with lighting that accentuates the aesthetic of each property. Lissoni’s work draws inspiration from his experiences, giving him a philosophy that his work is not only made for a specific function but can be creatively used by human beings.

Piero Lissoni

Piero Lissoni